creative workshop and live painting session


I am happy to once again participate and contribute to the wonderful festival Kommt Zusammen in Rostock, Germany this easter.   Fri 18th april KREATIV WORKSHOP – PAINTING Presented by Parliament   Sun 20th april LIVEPAINTING SESSION Voltage Musique Showcase M.A.U.club   Kommt Zusammen 2012


 THURS 30FEB14 Live Art by Kaj Dyrvold CLUB VINTERGATAN Big Premier at Bara Magnus, Gothenburg Club Vintergatan presenterar Bas-iQ Sounds (Göteborg) och Live acts Konstnären Kaj (Oslo) på Bara Magnus. Målet med Club Vintergatan är att skapa en alternativ plats/miljö för er som vill se/höra något annat än den kommersiella house scenen. Vi är nu stolta… Read More

SüdØst 07.09.13


07.09.13 Live Painting @ Opening night of Südøst Cocktails & Street food   finished piece to be found at the venue  

westerdals 23.08.13

Skärmavbild 2013-09-14 kl. 01.10.33

23.08.13 Live Art Performance at Westerdals School of Communication Westerdals School of Communication is an accredited  university college offering Bachelor’s degrees in Text & Copywriter, Art Direction, Film & Television, Visual Merchandising & Commercial Interior, Graphic Design, and Event & Experience Design. Mixed techniques used

“Quo Vadis”


 ”QUO VADIS” 150 x 120 cm acrylic on canvas  to be found at QADIS Thorvald Meyers Gate 81 Oslo NORWAY

LIVE ART @ Nefertiti Göteborg 20.06.13


Live Art at Nefertiti CLUB SEASONS “Every year has four seasons. Every season has a color. Every color has a sound. We are the providers of every season, color and sound.” -SEASONS – A Sound To Every Color      

Thank you!! all the best from kollektiv.


kollektiv. – club of the year 2012 NATT & DAG, OSLO PRISEN Her er begrunnelsen KOLLEKTIV. PHILOSOPHY kollektiv. was formed in the spring 2009. We, a group of good friends with a common interest for good electronic music wanted to create what we call a good night out, something we would like to go to.… Read More


"The Royal Piece"  300 x 150 cm acrylic

10.11.12 – present BUSTED BIRDS & the RoyalPiece   ONGOING EXHIBITION       Frognerveien 6 Oslo Norway

“The New Epok”

IMG_9855 2 copy

    “The beginning of a new journey starting yesterday. Through history I have travelled to pick up pieces of gold. These walls are forever alive and seducing. And so the saga continues…”             to be found at Baroque Bygdøy Allé OSLO, NORWAY straight on wall 6m x 2m  

Creative Workshop mit Kaj Dyrvold @ KOMMT ZUSAMMEN FESTIVAL

Skärmavbild 2012-04-03 kl. 01.08.27

Just when the ice is breaking, early spring every year I am organizing a CREATIVE WORKSHOP @ KOMMT ZUSAMMEN FESTIVAL  Rostock, Germany We look for tools to find our own path. We Create and discover inner and outer secrets in stimulating visuals and audio surroundings…   Foto; Kristoffer Andersson

LIVE ART @ Bølgen & Moi


In the always very crowed concrete building Saturday lunchtime at Bølgen & Moi Briskeby you will find among fine food, drinks and music; LIVE ART WELCOME!



ICEBAR OSLO invited me to PAINT LIVE during the charity event World Wildlife Fund´s  EART HOUR    The hour between 20.30 – 21.30 World Wildlife Fund; WWF  encourage the worlds habitants to keep the lights of, to  show how little it takes to make a change for our planet. An auction of the finish piece was held.… Read More

“A Place at the Table”

IMG_7212 copy

strong reasons make strong actions To express the surroundings. This is a story from behind the mask.   to be found at JÆGER, OSLO