Karusell Oslo

Lajban min vän, låt mig följa med.
Dirigenten stampar takten, lokomotivet ökar farten och under stjärnorna spiller ugglor uppmuntran i andras frånvaro.
Mot tigerstaden, tramsapor och morsgrisar stäm instrumenten, ring klocka Ning! Det bubblar bortom horisonter och jag förnimmer drömmarnas hav och grönskande illusioner. Mera kaka-glaset fullt.
I karusellen är allting möjligt…

A large piece of work that I have been working on for the last few months is now finished,
Pictures of the work in progress.
Karusell Oslo is soon to be open.



This has become a tradition for me, a very dear one.
I am honored to once again be a part of and contribute to Kommt Zusammen festival in Rostock, Germany. People gathering around easter each year to exchange ideas and art in a warm environment. Without limits or borders this festival offers a vast range of culture.

A glimt from my workshop held at equally inspiring Peter Weiss Haus

Zu15Extra love and thnx to Heinr. Hünicke for sponsoring the workshop with everything from canvases and brushes to paint and characoal. And as always a pleasure to work with Palette – Rostock e.V.  and Daniel Nitsch.

CREATIVE WORKSHOP, Kommt Zusammen 2014
CREATIVE WORKSHOP, Kommt Zusammen 2012